Mission Statement

We are engulfed in mediocrity and cynicism (a direct result of living in a negative world.) Without the motivation of divinely empowered insight and enthusiasm, people tend toward the “average”, doing just enough to get by. Thus, the fallout from the system is mediocrity. The majority dictates the rules, and excitement is replaced with a shrug of the shoulders. Excellence is not only lost in the shuffle, whenever it rears it’s head, it is considered a threat.

When I think of VISION, I have in mind the ability to see above the majority. When traditionalism and the same-ol’-same ol’ rules the roost, you can expect nothing but parrots – low flying creatures, with a small head and big bellies, that stay on a perch and mimic only what they are told to say. Soaring, like eagles. That’s what this company is all about. Not grubbing for worms or scratching for bugs like a pen full of chickens, but soaring like a powerful eagle… living above the level of mediocrity, refusing to let the majority shape our standard. Aiming high. Soaring isn’t something that comes naturally, you understand, nor is it easy. But it can happen. That is why our bi-line under our name reads…a company committed to graphics excellence.